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Do you want to avoid burns by your sports equipment or getting stung by jellyfish?
Do you want to work out outdoors without getting burnt by the sund and dehydrated skin?
Do you want to save your energy for the essentials like doing your best in a race, surf, a dive into the deep blue, or simply enjoy the ride?

Safe Sea help you avoid stings from jellyfish and burns from sports equipment and the sunscreen SPF 40. Safe sea is clinically tested for swims up to 80 minutes.

Safe sea is available with SPF 40 sunshield!

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How to use

Apply generously about ten minutes before swim. Do not forget spots like neck, nose, backside of arms etc. The lotion blends nicely with your skin. If you apply the lotion all over your body a bottle lasts for approximately three to four swims. If you swim with wetsuit and you are only exposing hands, feet and face – one bottle will last very long. If you swim for longer than 80 minutes you must reapply the lotion to keep maximum effect. Buy some more bottles if you are not sure how much you need. Safe Sea can stay on the shelf for three years. 

Wetsuit Apply Safe Sea on unprotected areas. If you have problems with neck burns from your wetsuit you can use Safe Sea as a lubrication. 

Competing If you are about to compete and your start number will be written on your skin - avoid Safe sea both beneath and on top of the marking. That spot has to be unprotected otherwise the number mark will be washed away 

Tropical waters If you swim in tropical water where there are sea lice present – apply beneath your swimsuit or wetsuit. 

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Swimalong cares about your safety at sea and want to help all ocean lovers to get the very best experience from their swims at sea.

I live by the sea and swim open water whenever I can. I love the tranquility, the light, the challenge and the effect the sea and the swim has on me. I have an underwater camera and will try to share with you some of these experiences on the blog section of this web.

It is a magic world out there in the Deep Blue....


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