Swimming at Kåkenäs

Jenny called me when I was out running. I was soaking wet and far away from home. I turned back, grabbed my wetsuit, some coffe and drove to Kåkenäs - a place I never have swum at before. The sea was calm. It was just like swimming "in" a mirror. We stopped a few times to make it possible for me to record. At our way back I saw the most terrifying lionsmane jellyfish but decided not to pick up the under water camera. It is always a bit risky while not having firm ground under the feet. When we got back at to the jetty people was enthusiastic. The last few 100 meters we had swum with the water "boiling" my hunting mackerel around us. We didn´t see it since we where occupied by swimming & the scenery. Sadly noone recorded. But I got this...



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